Special Report: Strategies for the 60+ Job Seeker

One of the trends in recent years is the growing contingent of 60+ job seekers. Corporate downsizing hits this age group hard; early retirement packages are too good to resist – even when they are not yet ready to leave the workforce; and financial concerns lead them to seek continued paid employment. As the Baby Boomers age, this market segment will grow.

As a career coach, is your toolkit ready for an older clientele? Many strategies are common to job seekers of all ages – marketing collateral that speaks with the client’s authentic voice; understanding the employer needs; realistic assessments of the candidate’s strengths; networking and interview preparation. What’s different?

As a job seeker, whatever your reasons for seeking employment, or “unretirement,” are you ready to take on this next phase on your own terms? It can be an overwhelming task to update your resume and prepare for the job search, knowing you may face age discrimination. How might you overcome these perceptions to achieve your career goals?

Career Thought Leaders gathered research and best practices that will keep professionals doing meaningful work well into their 60’s, 70’s, or even 80’s. Download the report using the form below.

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